To effectively realize its goals, Negaderha is in collaboration with several local and international organizations to:

  1. Facilitate communication with regulatory entities related to for food waste management and preservation in Saudi Arabia in order to establish regulations, run nationwide social awareness campaigns, and offer effective solutions and recommendations.
  2. Build a solid knowledge-base for the Kingdom in the area of food waste reduction and prevention through extensive primary and secondary research.
  3. Benchmark food waste management and preservation practices locally, regionally, and globally.
  4. Communicate with the HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) to effect behavioral change, raise awareness, and equip business owners and employees in the sector with technical guidelines and steps to prevent food waste that could occur at any stage of the food consumption cycle.


Below is a brief profile of all of Negaderha’s partners along with some insight into the details of their respective collaborations:

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

UNEP is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.

Savola’s Engagement with UNEP

At Savola Group we established an 18-month partnership with UNEP to utilize their global reach and technical expertise. In turn, the Group aims to provide strategic support and lead the transition in addressing excess food waste in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) through the comprehensive ‘Food Waste Prevention and Reduction’ program. This engagement seeks to garner the buy-in of regulators and enablers and scale these efforts on a national level through the delivery of specific related modules and the launch of a food waste prevention program in the KSA. The program addresses food waste that occurs at the household level on a daily basis through developing a community awareness program.
The anticipated outcomes of this engagement are: an in-depth understanding of the drivers, actors, and volumes of food waste at national and household levels, an action plan for change in food waste generation, a consumer engagement campaign based on the most effective global experiences, and a framework for tracking food waste data and progress towards strategic objectives.

UNEP Portal

The Waste Resources Action Program (WRAP)

WRAP is a world leader in helping organizations achieve greater resource efficiency and it has a record of success. It provides information, tools and practical advice that help governments, businesses and consumers to act. Also, WRAP provides a safe, non-competitive space where businesses can share best practices and collaborate to deliver change.
WRAP aims to reduce the amount of food wasted through its Love Food Hate Waste consumer behavioral change campaign. This campaign involves direct communication with consumers as well as working with the food industry and others, bringing the latter to make changes to products and the retail environment to make it easier for consumers to change their behavior. As part of its campaign, WRAP has developed brands, tools, tips, know-how, website content, digital apps and other intellectual property in the area of consumer food waste prevention.

Savola’s Engagement with WRAP

To achieve maximum impact in its “Food Waste Prevention and Reduction Program” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Savola decided to utilize international proven practices to drive behavioral change among its consumers and stakeholders. In this vein, Savola has partnered with WRAP to acquire a license to use their know-how which includes strategic guidelines, frameworks and specific tools and tips. Through this license, Savola is using certain Intellectual property of WRAP to enrich their own program.

WRAP Portal

Ita’am Food Bank

Ita’am is a Saudi-based, non-profit organization that is specialized in the food industry with the aim of preserving food. This organization started as an initiative by Saudi businessmen whose goal it was to save food by replicating the idea of food banks and applying it in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The organization promotes food-related culture; provides hands-on experience in safe preparation; works on raising awareness of food waste reduction through organizing and delivering specialized awareness workshops; and establishes agreements with hotels and wedding halls to preserve excess food after gatherings in order to deliver it to the underprivileged according to the best quality control and international standards.

Savola’s Engagement with Ita’am

Through its collaboration with Ita’am, Savola aims to expand its outreach by targeting the HORECA sector (the sector of the food industry referring to Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés). Both parties in this partnership seek to instill behavioral change, raise awareness and empower the business owners and employees in the HORECA sector with technical and operational guidelines and tips to minimize food wastage that may appear at any level of the food consumption cycle.

Ita’am Portal

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