Insuring that PWD are never alienated

The Mentor and Buddy System is one that equips both employers who are interested to employ people with disability and colleagues who work at the same workplace as these employees through two functions: the Buddy and the Mentor.

  • The Mentor plays a vital role in linking employees with disability with the organization’s various departments such as HR, Finance, etc. As such, the Mentor provides moral support to new employees with disability to ensure that they are fully integrated within the organization.
  • The Buddy represents the key link between the employee and the department in which she or he works. The Buddy is tasked with providing support and advice when it comes to the actual work as well as providing moral support and ensuring that the new employee is fully integrated into the work and culture of the organization.

Committed to assimilating these employees into their workplaces and offering them a safe and accessible environment and a professional, enjoyable work experience, Makeen took the lead in introducing this system to Savola Group and gave regular trainings to HR and production managers across its operations.

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