Empowering people with disability through research, training, employment and collaboration with international experts.

Makeen is Savola’s initiative for training and employing people with disabilities as they are an important category of society. This comprehensive initiative is part of Savola World’s new strategy of social responsibility, an outcome of one year of substantial research and deep civil studies led by a group of international experts. Together, Savola World's team conducted research about disability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Savola World also collaborated with another group of international consultants who have extensive experience and practice in the rehabilitation, training, and employment of people with disabilities (PWD) and worked with these experts on developing the general policy, vision, mission, and strategic objectives of the Makeen project.

Makeen has been working closely with disability organizations to prepare templates for interviews, acceptance and registration procedures and evaluate candidates according to scientific standards. When selecting candidates to fill in the vacancies available, Savola World took into consideration their capabilities as well as the nature of their disability. Once employed, the PWD subsequently undergo customized training on-the-job in one of Savola World’s sectors’ fully accessible facility. Savola World also aims to help disabled employees overcome psychological barriers, allowing them to develop greater self-esteem thus increase their productivity.

With its experience and know-how, Makeen is considered a consulting partner for the Savola’s sectors in everything related to employees with disabilities. It provides support on the best practices of interaction and how to make job descriptions adaptable to the type of impairment at hand and ensure rules of safety.


Bringing PWD jobseekers and employers together:

In our continuous efforts to further develop the Makeen initiative, we have launched Makeen Portal, which is a leading national platform that aims to boost the recruitment of people with disabilities thus empowering them to become productive and influential members in their community. This portal is one of Savola’s sustainability initiatives and is managed under its supervision. Makeen portal brings together job seekers with disabilities and employers from the private sector. Job seekers with disabilities (both male and female) can find on this portal a range of opportunities that match their abilities and qualifications. Jobseekers register on the portal, fill out their personal details and attach their CVs, while interested employers can upload vacancy ads along with job descriptions, the salary range and related job benefits.

Makeen Portal

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