At Savola World, we strongly believe that a philosophy and set of values are only as good as they are actionable and accountable. We aim to embed sustainability into every facet of our business, so that a sustainable business model becomes common business practice for us. In order to achieve this, we have developed a business strategy that incorporates sustainability goals into four key domains:


They say businesses are as much a part of the problem to sustainable development as they are a solution. Considering the scope and scale of their activities, the choices businesses make have far-reaching consequences that impact the wider society either positively or negatively.  As a conglomerate whose presence spans the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, we choose to use our position of great influence and responsibility to effect large-scale behavioural change among consumers and stakeholders we interact with across the region.  

Examples of changes we have chosen to affect include promoting healthy living through our campaigns and increasing support for humanitarian impact through donation programs. However, one change closer to our heart in particular is cultivating a culture of sustainable consumption and storage of food.


Our employees make Savola what it is, and it is only through their persevering commitment that Savola realizes its goals and vision. As such, we are resolute in investing in them through our world-class employee benefits program and the next generation through our Management Trainee Program. Focusing on employees is an integral part of our sustainability vision, which is achieved through responsible human capital management. We have established the right policies in place that secure a positive work environment for employees, to attract the right kind of employees who share and adopt our sustainability vision and mission


Virtually impacting all global environmental changes, businesses play a vital role in our ability to influence global environmental changes. At Savola, we are determined to protect and nurture our environment by efficiently managing resources across all our subsidiaries through an approach of reduce, reuse and recycle.


At Savola, we believe that sustainable practices within the sector can drive competitiveness, increase efficiency and maximize industry potential. We also recognize that companies are part of a society’s fabric and indeed possess considerable leverage in the social impact they can create. In this domain, we have created a culture of inclusivity and equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities through Savola World’s program, Makeen, which is a programme aimed towards empowering people with disabilities across different business formats. Already 200 people with disabilities have been assimilated into Savola’s workforce in 2015 and we are determined to see this number grow.